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Article Submission Service – LinksIQ.com FAQ

  • What is article submission and how does it work?

    Well, article submission is a very effective method to get quality one way links to your site. The articles not only provide relevant information about your products and services, it also contains your site links in the author’s resource section.

  • Why is article submission necessary?

    There are many article experts who put up their articles on top quality article directories and share their knowledge and expertise. These serve as huge databanks of information and knowledge and attract a very large audience. By submitting your articles to these directories, you are actually sharing your knowledge and business expertise with your potential clients and in return you get top quality back links.

  • Who creates my articles?

    We have top quality content writers who are capable of writing fresh and relevant articles for you.

  • How will I know if the articles are unique and not duplicated?

    There are different ways to find out whether the articles are authentic or not. You can log on to copyscape.com and check out whether the content provided by us is unique or not.

  • Is my approval taken before submission and if so, in how many days will I get the articles?

    Yes, unless the articles are not approved by the customer we do not start our article submission. Usually, this process may take 2 to 3 days and at times this may vary depending upon the size and also the quantity of the articles.

  • How do I know whether my article has been approved or not?

    We will provide you with the user account details for the submission site and you can check the status of your article with the help of the login details. Normally, all the articles get approved in 5 to 6 days.

  • What do mean by creating variations or different versions to an article?

    In order to avoid repetition of content, we do not submit one variation to more than 100 sites. We create a 30% to 40% variation to an article by replacing a few sentences or words.

  • How many submissions will you do in a day and what is the time taken for executing an order?

    You can tell us how many submissions you want and we will submit the articles accordingly. The time duration for order execution depends upon the articles and the total quantity to be written.

  • Will I get complete ownership of the articles including Copyrights?

    Yes, you will get complete ownership of the articles once they are written and approved by you.
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