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Coupon Distribution FAQ

Professional Ecommerce Marketing - Coupon Distribution Marketing - FAQ

  • Will coupon distribution be a drain on my marketing budget?

    Not necessarily. LinksIQ can help you design a coupon distribution campaign that does not drain your finances. Plan well in advance and allocate a budget. The popular coupon websites offer great deals to those who have their statistics and home work done right.

  • What is the scope of the coupon distribution strategy?

    Yes, this is the exciting part. Coupon distribution improves your reach, meaning you are no longer restricted to your target market only. You would be noticed by thousands and you can hook them for the short term or convert them into long standing customers.

  • What homework do I need to put in?

    Just because coupon distribution encompasses several segments of the market does not mean you stop studying the market. Studying consumer behaviour gives you tips on how to handle different sections of customers when they come knocking.
    Understand buyer preferences – quality for some, savings for some is a very parochial way of putting it – try a combination of these at LinksIQ and see how it works out.

  • How do I go about launching a coupon distribution campaign?

    You will need to give your promotional coupon a name and describe it in simple terms. Contact information should be provided on the coupon so that recipients know who to get back to and where. This also gets associated with your brand, so make sure that the avenue you present is genuine and secure.
    A short term promotional strategy like coupon distribution should also contain the expiration date. Terms and conditions can also be added.

  • When does the coupon distribution campaign flag off?

    It takes only 5-7 business days to set up this campaign, so you should be ready to handle the nibbles immediately.
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