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Coupon Distribution

Professional Ecommerce Marketing - Coupon Distribution Marketing

If you have been studying business dynamics long enough, you would know that coupon distribution is not new. It has been done in the brick and mortar version of businesses, and now digital versions of business still allow for coupon codes to be generated and they make it easy to offer specialized discounts and perks.

In addition to the obvious advantage of giving such a sop to a first time customer to get him hooked or a perk to a long time customer as a token of appreciation for his loyalty, Coupon distribution among directory listings also have another great advantage when done online – it brings in high quality back links from other websites where you have made your coupons available.

LinksIQ helps you find the top coupon registration sites at which you can distribute online coupons for your products. You can include printable foils or simply generate an electronic coupon code which can be used on the next purchase.

Couponit, Dealigg and Retailmenot are some of the most popular coupon sites. Coupon distribution brought in by LinksIQ covers more than 50 such popular coupon sites.

Setting up retail coupon registration for your products does not take long; LinksIQ can do it for in about five to seven business days, which means that your business can instantly observe a change.

Internet is already a great source of shopping for people who shop with plastic money, and offering coupons is another incentive. You can introduce a scheme that allows them to save on their subsequent purchase – that is one way of ensuring that the customer returns to shop at your portal.

From the business point of view, the retailer would be greatly benefitted by having an established relationship with coupon sites. At one point or the other, according the season or during the execution of a new step of strategic planning, a seller would want to give out coupons, and LinksIQ makes it easy to get these top coupon sites on board to assist the cause.

The relationship is symbiotic - the take away for the customer is the fact that he gets a highly profitable deal. And you make a great business contact; get better traffic and brand positioning value in the eyes of the customer, so both are benefitted by the coupon distribution tool.

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