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Event Marketing - Event Marketing Services - FAQ

  • Why do I need Event Distribution Services?

    The internet has become a place where everyone looks for all kinds of information. To ensure that more numbers of people attend your event you need to make use of this tool. By using event distribution services offered by LinksIQ, you would be able to ensure that the maximum number of people get exposed to the fact that you are organising a particular event.

  • How does it work?

    Once you provide all the details that we need regarding your event, LinksIQ would put out details about your event in 25 popular websites and search engines that are most used by people. This would increase the exposure to your event and increase the responses that you get.

  • Why shouldn’t I stick to using traditional methods of marketing my event?

    You can, of course, use the traditional methods like newspapers, radios, billboards, etc to market your event. But the efficiency is not the same as compared with event distribution services. You would be able to advertise to those people that would have an interest in attending your event.

  • Why not use banner ads in a lot of websites instead of these services?

    The answer to this question would be that you would have results that are more effective and efficient when compared to banner ads. In fact, banner ads have become so common among websites that visitors are no longer giving any attention to such banners. Therefore, if you use banner ads, you would only end up wasting your money.

  • What would be the cost that I would incur if I use event distribution services?

    The cost would be much lesser than what you may have paid for the traditional methods of marketing. In fact, for a fraction of the money that you spend on traditional methods, you would be able to get a lot more exposure.

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