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Keyword Research Services – SEO Keyword Research - FAQ

  • How does keyword research help in SEO?

    Keyword research is a very fundamental aspect of any SEO through which a potential customer comes to know about the products and services that you are offering on your website. It helps in generating huge customer traffic to your website.

  • What is that you require from me for an effective keyword research?

    All that we require is your website URL and the country that you want to target so that we can generate the relevant keywords that will help in generating greater traffic to your website.

  • How do you define Keyword analysis?

    Keyword Analysis refers to the competition between the top ranked sites on the search engines so that you can analyze how many indexed pages and back links any given site has. This will help you assess the competition better so that you can decide whether you want to go ahead with optimizing your website for a given keyword phrase.

  • Explain what keyword ranking is?

    Keyword ranking refers to any top keyword listings your site may have achieved on the search engines for unlimited number of keyword phrases. We provide you with a detailed report comprising the best variations of your keywords along with the total search engine results.
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