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Local Business Listing FAQ

Local Business Listings - Local Business Listings Service - FAQ

  • What do I gain by being on a Local Business Listing?

    You get visibility. LinksIQ makes you popular because thousands of online users happen to look at your listing and click on it at least once to see what you have to say about your business.

  • What kind of clearance do I need to set up my local Business listing?

    You need approval from the administrators of those local websites where you business listing is going to appear. LinksIQ will tell you what pitfalls to avoid.

  • When is the listing live?

    The drafting of the listing may only take 2-3 business days to make, but it would be reviewed and goes live in about 2 weeks from the time you place the order.

  • How customizable is the listing?

    Completely customizable. You can describe your business and your offerings as wholly as possible with as many details added as you would like.

  • What do I need to set up local business listings?

    You would be recommended to have a login id and password, physical address and zip code, contact name and a simple description of your business. It would also be important to specify the category under which you plan to list. Payment for the same is taken through credit card and can be done online. The outline of you business listing can also contain your product line, services, specialities or brand names that you carry. Mentioning a toll free number is up to you, but LinksIQ recommends that having a specified schedule and hours of operation lends credibility to your venture.

  • Is the local business listing only for businesses within the United States?


  • Is a toll-free number all that is needed for the listing? And a website?

    No, you also need to have a non-toll-free number listed in your business listing. It would be your contact number for the records and can be a land line number. And yes, LinksIQ reiterates that you can list online even if you do not have a website.
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