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Profile Citations Quality Backlinks – FAQ

  • What exactly is Angela and Paul profiles package?

    Angela and Paul are two professional experts who offer a high authority website list for creating backlink profiles. These sites are consistently updated every month. LinksIQ uses these high authority websites to build backlinks for their client websites. This is why the package is named after Angela and Paul and is popularly known in the SEO optimization world as Angela and Paul profiles.

  • Is it linked to support backlinks index on Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing?

    Support backlinks on Google or Yahoo means that backlinks are translated to RSS feed, surrendered to web 2.0 sites and looped to ensure quick indexing. Angela and Paul profiles are the quickest ones to bring forth prompt indexing from the search engines.

  • Is it possible to create Angela and Paul profiles independently?

    Yes, you can, but the procedure is so tedious and complex that it will devour a substantial portion of your valuable business time. Linking and back linking is best left to experts and SEO firms offering this service are the ones who can do this most professionally. LinksIQ has a good reputation in the market for infusing tested and verified backlinks in your webpage at the best competitive price.

  • Does this work for all websites?

    All websites can use this benefit and language is NOT a bar.

  • Does it really work?

    Yes, it does. Although a cheap and affordable method, Angela and Paul package yields the most superior results and is guaranteed to push your website up the rank ladder and pull in more traffic in the process.

  • Do you send me reports?

    Yes. After completion of work, a detailed report (with client profile and RSS) is sent to you. You can check it out and discuss any issues or queries with us.
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