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Social Bookmarking FAQ

Social Bookmarking Service – LinksIQ.com FAQ

  • What is social bookmarking?

    Social Bookmarking refers to a user based online system that allows individuals to tag their favorite content on the web and save it or share it with friends and others.

  • Who can do social bookmarking?

    Social bookmarking can be done by anybody. All that you have to do is to spend some time and learn how to do it correctly, particularly if you are doing it for your business.

  • Can you explain how Social Bookmarking works?

    In social bookmarking, users can tag their favorite websites with different keywords that can help them organize the content. For instance they may have “books” as a separate category for all the websites that are related to that. Over the years, tags have become much evolved and today they are also used to help the various search engines see your content. At the same time it also enables others to find your content.

  • Is social bookmarking a necessity?

    Social bookmarking becomes very irrelevant if you are operating in a very small area and do not want to grow beyond that area. However, there are many businesses that operate on a much larger scale and on a national level. For such businesses social bookmarking is a very important tool that drives more traffic to your site, ensures that your products and services get the desired attention, it spreads the good word about your business, it puts your site on the top ranking pages of the search engines and informs the customers that you are there to take care of their needs.

  • How are social bookmarking submissions done?

    Our social bookmarking services involve a 100% manual submission process. Spamming is not possible since social bookmarking needs registration before you can submit.

  • How will I know whether my site has been submitted or not?

    We will send you a detailed social bookmarking submission report that will tell you clearly whether your website has been submitted or not.

  • What are the page rankings of the sites that you submit my content?

    Most of the sites that we submit your content have a PR 9 to PR 3.
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