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Images offer visual inspiration. They ignite your latent creativity and generate innovative ideas and thoughts on how to create your designs. What image bookmarking sites do is collect images from different sources on the internet. In fact, these sites are ideal sources when you are seeking visual inspiration.

It is a fact that online visitors do not respond favorably to dull text with eye catchy images. This is because we live in an era where people simply do not have the time or the inclination to sit down, relax and read the entire text that is written. You can now convey a thousand feelings with just a few images. When images are effectively combined with social bookmarking, it has the power to ensure that your website standout from amongst that of your competition in the market place. Image bookmarking makes sure that your website does not go unnoticed on the internet.

Image bookmarking is a wonderful strategy if you want to generate more visibility for the images on your website. Bookmarking is no longer about website visibility / news / information / content. It is also about images now since pictures can convey better what words cannot say or describe. No wonder, this service is growing at a rapid pace on the internet.

Image bookmarking is a strategy that is just catching up with the rest of the other services online. It offers a huge potential for success and taking advantage of it early will ensure that you are miles ahead of your competition. Image bookmarking is ideal for those who are looking for something that is different from regular social bookmarking.

LinksIQ offers Image bookmarking services with a lot of features to website owners / project managers / social media experts and others.

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