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LinksIQ Submission - FAQ

  • What kinds of software can I promote using this service?

    You can promote any software! We don’t take up software with an adult theme, gambling related stuff, and software which is Malware / Spyware / Adware in nature – including password crackers. Apart from these, we can help you promote anything, really.

  • What requirements should I meet?

    Just see that the software is available at all times for download. Also see that the link you provide us leads directly to the software and not to some other web page in between. Most important is that you should have full rights to distribute the software you are promoting.

  • How good is your approval rate?

    Pretty good! We know how to get these sites to promote your software. So we fill in your submission form in that particular model, and the approval rate is automatically high!

  • Can I delete the software later?

    Yes. You can choose to login to these sites and stop your software from being promoted.

  • Can I specify the sites on which the software will be promoted?

    Our list contains all sites of the genre which count. However, if you feel there is something specific you’d like added, let us know. We’ll try to add it to our list.
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