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Software Distribution - Software Distribution Service

Creating software which people find useful is great! Thousands of such software applications are made every single day, but strangely, many of them don’t reach the audience they are designed for. Gone are the days when people used just Google to search for the software they wanted. The reason for that is the sheer number of unnecessary software out there – in the guise of something useful.

If you have software which you know will make an impact, the next step is to make sure that it is distributed right. There are special portals which exclusively focus on promoting free software, and getting onto these sites is absolutely necessary – if you are serious about the number of downloads and users for your program.

LinksIQ has perfected the science of distributing software; and you will see an instant surge in the number of downloads once you ask us to promote it for you. We have a team in place that is capable of even converting your software into PAD format (Portable Application Description format) – since a few sites don’t accept software in its raw form. We create special accounts for you on 100 of the top software distribution websites, and submit your software there. Since we are well versed with the submission process, usually most of our submissions get approved. Like with all our other services, this one is done manually too, and we submit a report with all the information – including screenshots of the submission confirmation.

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