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Squeeze PR – Advanced Press Release Distribution - FAQ

    List of questions frequently asked by our clients while opting for Squeeze PR strategy:

  • Does Squeeze PR conform to the SEO specifications? Is it SEO- friendly?

    PR distribution via Squeeze PR strategy can be one of the best ways for a company to begin its SEO campaign with, as it is a foolproof method of enhancing its visibility, building the web traffic and achieving a high page rank on the SERPs. In Squeeze PR, the PR content is posted on social news sites as well as in directories, thus giving a company the maximum exposure possible.

  • Can Squeeze PR be relied upon to promote a company which does not have an official website yet?

    Yes it can! The usage of a URL is mandatory for the usage of Squeeze PR. In case a company lacks an official website, we first create a blog on which we post their press release content, and then we use the blog URL thus created in order to submit their PR content onto the free directories.

  • Does LinksIQ write the PR content, or should the company provide it on its own?

    LinksIQ specializes in providing 100 percent approved press release content written by ace journalists in a totally newsworthy manner. One only needs to provide appropriate keywords (5 no’s) and relevant information. However, a company can submit a readymade press release as well and there would be lesser charge for the Squeeze PR in this case.

  • What is the data requirement for creation of press release content?

    For PR content to be written, the following data are mandatory:
    • Particulars and details of the company’s location – place, state, country pin code, phone no.
    • Contact names and details of the main personnel.
    • Press Release title (up to 100 words, main body (up to 4000 words) and the summary (250 words approximately).
    • Company name and Website

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