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Advanced Press Release Distribution and Reputation Management

Many online businesses have now included Press Release (PR) Distribution into their marketing strategies, for the obvious advantages that it offers, some of which are improved web traffic, brand-building, promotion of the company and its credibility, enhanced visibility of the brand, not to mention the biggest advantage in the form of higher page rank in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). However, most companies do not realize the importance of active PR distribution, and assume that the benefits will materialize just by submitting their PR content to a few free press release directories, which actually serves lesser purpose than it actually is supposed to.

Most companies neglect the progress of the traditional PR Distribution process after this first step, resulting in the stagnation of the process, as many of the free PR content directories remain live for a very short time, and there is no method to check and gauge the effectiveness of these directories in improving the PR of a company.

LinksIQ does the PR Distribution for a company in a better manner - Introducing Squeeze PR, which is the best solution to all your PR Distribution needs. Our Squeeze PR solution takes care of the entire PR Distribution process – right from the press content writing, posting it on the free and live PR directories, to enhancing the number of views and awareness of these links and building your company’s presence on Social Media sites.

Squeeze PR - There is much more to the potential behind Online PR Distribution process

Companies seldom realize that the conventional process of PR Distribution actually does nothing much to improve the ranking or reputation of their website – something that the application of Squeeze PR technique would change. We at LinksIQ intend to make the best utilization of the PR Distribution process with the Squeeze PR technique, through the following steps:

Writing appropriate PR content – We make sure that PR content is written aptly by the best journalists on LinksIQ team, where the appropriate keywords are well optimized in order to bring you the best results.

Posting PR content onto the best PR directories – The content is posted on the best PR directories online – both free and live, which would remain active and be viewed several times a day. This ensures that there is active buildup of web traffic towards these directories as well as your main website. One would receive daily reports about the links onto which the content has been posted, thus allowing them to gauge the success of this strategy for the promotion of their company.

Managing the PR directories for maximum visibility and traffic - We ensure that your PR content directories and links are viewed most – through proven methods like bookmarking, releasing the content on social news websites and by enabling sharing of the content on sites like Scribd, Slideshare etc. We also create a subscriber base for your PR content through RSS feeds subscriptions, making sure that your company enjoys the benefits of Squeeze PR for a long time through increased visibility and enhanced web traffic and brand awareness.

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