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Video Bookmarking - Professional Social Video Bookmarking

If you have a spanking new website with loads of digital content for your target audience, then you’re definitely travelling along the right path to driving traffic towards your website and ultimately bringing in revenue. But it’s more important to get to the finish line before your competitors than simply competing in the same race. This is where video content comes in and how you promote it will make all the difference.

LinksIQ has been helping customers just like you to get ahead of their competition with a quality video bookmarking service. You may have already distributed your videos online either on your own or using LinksIQ’s highly successful video distribution service. But that alone isn’t enough. Video bookmarking is one of the major marketing trends in the digital age as it is a rich source of brand exposure and adds value to your promotional video.

When you join hands with LinksIQ, we will make sure your promotional video content is there for all to see and that it will entice your target audience to leave feedback and thus add value to your videos. The more exposure you get, the more feedback you’re likely to receive as well. This in turn will drive more traffic towards not only your video content but also to your website.

As more and more users watch your videos, they are also likely to vote or “like” them as well, which in turn gets their friends and colleagues to take a look at it as well. This is why viral marketing has been so effective and now you can benefit from this proven marketing strategy in the digital age. MetaFear’s video bookmarking service will bring your audience to you.