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Video Marketing - Viral Video Marketing - FAQ

  • What is the ideal size of a video to be uploaded?

    The size of the video you upload can be 2 MB to 20 MB.

  • Does video marketing need clearance?

    All multimedia content added by you on an affiliate site or video distribution site has to be approved by the site administrator and only then does it go live. This is to curtail content that depicts hate, pornography, violence or abuse.

  • What data do I need to provide for video marketing?

    Your video marketing campaign can be seen as a part of the effort of SEO marketing and from this perspective, LinksIQ insists that the presence of your keywords in the video is quite useful. You should also have title and description of the video along with keywords and tags. You also need to state the language in which the video is shared.

  • How is the video to be submitted?

    The simplest way to submit the video is by sharing the link through which it can be accessed and downloaded. It is also possible to attach a video the order page of LinksIQ. It can be accepted in AVI, MPEG, Real, Quicktime, Windows Media formats.

    If you have an existing video on YouTube, that can also be used for distribution. However, to preserve the resolution and clarity, sharing the original file is a good idea.

  • How do I know my video is live?

    Once the procedure of video distribution is done, LinksIQ will give you the video links (about 50). You also get a report which contains and the username and password for the video.

    Video marketing is done manually and with utmost care to get the right audiences to view them. There as many as 50 video distribution sites and you can choose 25 or all 50 of them.
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