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Video Marketing - Extreme Viral Video Marketing

Who has not heard of YouTube? Everyone has used it at one point or the other to check out a video or a graphic flowchart of how to do something. The power of visual imagery and motion picture is not to be discounted.

You have heard it often: you retain something better in your mind when you see it in action, rather than when you read or heard about it. So if you want your customers to remember you products or services and go for them over and over again, make sure that your brand and product is the first thing they think about when they feel a certain need.

Put up a video which links the need to your products, and show them how amply it fits, how comprehensively your product addresses their need. Video marketing through LinksIQ is a great way of showing your customer the product the way you would like them to see it.

Video distribution websites on the internet include Google, AOL and Yahoo. Do not wait for your advertisements to kick in through the erstwhile popular channels of television or movie newsreels. The changing trends depict that people check out videos on the internet first. They have control over how much they watch and how many times they chance upon seeing it (at least to an extent).

Go for the kill straightaway

The internet is such a place where people are often distracted, bored or impatient. You cannot blame the users – they are constantly bombarded by inputs from all sides and it only makes sense that they want to get rid of an incoming impulse if it is not interesting. So make sure that your video speaks well for you and is also interesting at the same time. Right from the opening frame.

From the SEO point of view, LinksIQ recommends that videos bring in better traffic because search engine spiders value videos and give the website brownie points for having it. They view them as high authority sites compared to those that do not have videos.

So it is a great and interesting way of adding fresh content onto the page. Video marketing is a wholesome application of a multi media and should be put to good use.