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USA Web Directory Submission Service – Website Submissions

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Search Engine Optimization is growing more and more targeted each day, and the future belongs to local search marketing for sure. Gone are the days when clients could just get onto the first pages of Google and expect to make money.

Getting targeted traffic is the key here, and the first step to that is to make sure that the site is submitted to the right directories.

Generic directory submission is ok to start off, but specific submission to country based directories helps the site get to the next step. LinksIQ’s USA Website Submission makes sure that your website is submitted to all the top directories which matter – in the USA.

While submitting, we make sure that the websites are sent into the right category, and that gives you better positioning on search engines, and also leads a good amount of traffic to your site.

Since these submissions are permanent in nature, you can look forward to a steady stream of traffic. While submission, we also give apt descriptions and fill in your primary keywords.

*Note: All Pricing are in USA dollars.