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USA Content Writing FAQ - Website Content Writing Service FAQ

  • What types of web content writing services do you provide?

    The different types of web content writing that we provide include Articles, Blogs, Bios, Landing Pages, Newsletters, Press Releases and E-Books.

  • How do I know whether the content you provide is original or plagiarized?

    Well, it is very important for your website to have 100% original content to be able to get your web pages ranked higher on the search engines. Your web page will be severely penalized by the search engines if any content is plagiarized. We submit the articles for your approval only after it has passed through Copyscape.

  • How will web content writing improve my website traffic?

    Well, whenever potential customers type a relevant keyword on search engines like Google, Yahoo or any other search engines, it is most likely that they will visit only those sites that appear on the first page or at the most the second page but not beyond. By optimizing your website content, we will be able to improve customer traffic to your website and at the same time also help in improving your page rankings on the search engines.

  • How does web content writing increase conversion rates?

    Web content writing that is interesting will keep the visitors to your website engaged and well informed about your products and services. This helps in generating business leads, expand your network and at the same time help in converting the visitors to your website as your customers.

  • Who selects the topics for my website content?

    When deciding the areas of content for your website, we are quite happy to work n the topics that you consider are very relevant to the success of your website. At the same time we also help you find new areas of interest that may help your website achieve greater success.

  • How much content does my website require?

    This depends upon the size of your business and the package you opt for. Our packages offer multiple options that include articles, landing pages, blogs, FAQs, service descriptions, definitions, etc. This is done to ensure that all your content is diversified and optimized in order to make sure that every individual page helps in driving customer traffic to your website, thereby increasing the page rankings of your website.

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